Spring Awakening…AWAKENS!

audition 300x199 Spring Awakening...AWAKENS!


It’s been over a year since the show was selected, near that time since a director & Music Director were chosen. Production team members have been brought on board, schedules have been devised, all the preparations made for this show to become reality. Now (well, back in the middle of June that is), we put life into the show with auditions.

Follow our Blog and Facebook as we introduce you to the show, the production team, cast and rehearsal process of Spring Awakening at Dominion Stage. First up…AUDITIONS. that harrowing process where actors come in, show everything they got in just 16 bars of music. but it’s not just the actors who have it tough; the director and production team have to watch all auditions and consider each person individually and how they might be fit into the show. Do they have the right voice for the part? Do they look like they have character and chemistry with others? And for this particular show, do they look like they could pass as teenagers?

Sing it!

Singing audition

We had 70 come to audition over three nights. Each had their chance to shine and show off their talents. That group was then whittled down to just over 30, who came in, learned a song from the show, then worked a scene of dialogue from the show with the director.

Executive Producer Malcolm Lee had the unique position of being on both sides of the audition table this year, after having performed as Jimmy Early in our January production of Dreamgirls to being on the team to help select cast members, along with Producing Director William D. Parker, Music Director John-Michael d’Haviland, choreographer Amanda Layton-Whiteman, and Stage Manager Joan A.S. Lada. Malcolm recalls:

“I’m used to being on the stage as an actor or part of an ensemble, and the production team was there to help me through each show as calmly and professionally as possible. Who would’ve thought that I’d be on the production team now? I’m really excited to work as Executive Producer for Dominion Stage’s Spring Awakening. I’m able to see what procedures production teams have to go through, as well as tough decisions, from casting, to set constructions, and costumes. I witness firsthand the audition process, and saw all of these 70 talented people fight for just 12 roles, and it was up to us to decide who would be the best fit. As I saw them perform, I imagined myself and how it can be so stressful and tough. I applaud anyone who comes out and audition and admire their courage.


Choices choices!

To sit with your team and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a wonderful show is tiring, yet invigorating simultaneously. I have so much respect for EVERYONE in theatre. It’s not an easy job, but it’s a job that you hopefully love. This is making me see theatre in another, positive light. I’m excited for Dominion Stage, I’m proud of being a part of this production so far, and this show is gonna rock!”

The choices have been made, the calls go out to those chosen, and the decision rests with them.

Next time: we find out who said yes as we begin introducing the cast of Spring Awakening!

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