Another review- And it’s pretty good!!

The Sun Gazette reviewed Dreamgirls and gave us an overall good review.

Dominion Stage has upped the ante in its repertoire by staging the lengthy and larger-than-life musical “Dreamgirls,” a production that…has some standout moments that make the investment of 2 hours and 40 minutes worth the time.

…it showcases some strong talent and provides a cost-effective night out that beats most anything on TV and a large percentage of what’s on movie screens.

Read the whole review here.

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Dominion Stage Presents DREAMGIRLS
Spanning from the fabulous sixties through the arrival of disco, DREAMGIRLS follows the behind-the-scenes reality of the entertainment industry and the “business” part of show business. A musical extravaganza that follows the creation and career of a female singing trio, the show provides the highs and lows that come with fame, greed and misguided loyalties, and the need for defining what is important in following one’s dreams.

Directed by Anya Randall Nebel
Music Direction by John-Michael d’Haviland
Choreographed by Rikki Howie
Stage Managed by Phil Natalini
Produced for Dominion Stage by David M. Moretti

For more information and to purchase your tickets, click here to visit our website.

Performance Dates:
Thursday, Jan 26 @ 8 p.m.
Friday, Jan 27 @ 8 p.m.
Saturday, Jan 28 @ 8 p.m

Performance Location:
Gunston Theater One
2700 S. Lang Street
Arlington, VA 22206

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