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We love Metro Weekly! Once again, they did a great write up about a Dominion Show. Because Psycho Beach Party features a character in drag, MW did an article about the show and Chris Gillespie, who plays the domineering mother, Mrs. Forrest. This hit just in time for Pride, so come see the show as a great kick off to your Pride festivities!! Two more chances to see it this weekend, Friday and Saturday!

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”[Psycho Beach Party] is a real good show to just go and have a little bit of campy fun, especially on Pride weekend,” says Moretti. The play, which mashes up ’60s-era beach movies and Hitchcockian suspense thrillers, focuses on Chicklet Forrest, a teenage tomboy with split personalities who desperately wants to be part of the popular surf crowd. In most productions of the play, Chicklet is played by a man. Dominion’s director Emily Ann Jablonski switched the script, casting a woman (Ashley Bacon) in the role, and Gillespie as her mother.

”[Mrs. Forrest] is a little bit like Joan Crawford,” Gillespie says. ”She’s got some major intensity. Mrs. Forrest is very controlling and very uptight, especially when it comes to sexuality and her daughter.”’

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Check out the rest of the article here.

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Psycho Beach Party
By Charles Busch

Directed by Emily Ann Jablonski
Produced by David M. Moretti and Larissa Norris
Stage Managed by Chris Thorn

“Gidget”, Frankie and Annette beach party epics and Hitchcock psychological suspense thrillers such as “Spellbound” and “Marnie” are given a shotgun marriage. Chicklet Forrest, a teenage tomboy, desperately wants to be part of the surf crowd on Malibu Beach in 1962. One thing getting in her way is her unfortunate tendency towards split personalities. Among them is a black check out girl, an elderly radio talk show hostess, a male model named Steve and the accounting firm of Edelman and Edelman. Her most dangerous alter ego is a sexually voracious vixen named Ann Bowman who has nothing less than world domination on her mind.

Selected Dates June 3 – 18, 2011

Performance Location: Gunston Arts Center—2700 S. Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206

Tickets are only $15 and you can purchase them ahead of time by clicking here.

For more information on the show or Dominion Stage, visit our website.

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