the Boy Band Formula- The Heart-throb

Jordan1 192x300 the Boy Band Formula  The Heart throb

Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block

justin timberlake 1 220x300 the Boy Band Formula  The Heart throb

Justin Timberlake from N*Sync

Matt002cob 200x300 the Boy Band Formula  The Heart throb

Matthew from Altar Boyz

Matthew is the leader of the group and he takes his role seriously. Always trying to see the best in everybody, he’s the backbone of group. The Boyz turn to him to help them keep their feet on the ground and their heads and hearts focused on God. But sometimes even the leader needs help staying on track, so it’s a good thing the Boyz have his back, too. Let’s meet Matthew now:

The most heroic thing I’ve ever done is:

Going on a mission trip to the slums of Georgetown, to help distribute pastel polos to the poor and disadvantaged, so that they too might reach their full, popped-collar potential!

I know it’s a little weird, but I think:

Orange mocha frappuccinos would be amazing! Why doesn’t anyone sell those???

The best advice I ever got was:


Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

Ohhh, that’s a tough one… I would say Joshua Chasez, James Caviezel, or maybe Jackie Chan? =]

Stage fright is something that:

Occurs when you lose trust and faith in God — and that applies both on stage and in regular, day-to-day life as well!

I perform my best when:

Our fans are amped to the max!

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Dominion Stage presents Altar Boys.
Book by Kevin Del Aguila
Music and Lyrics by Gary Adler & Michael Patrick Walker
Produced by Richard Isaacs , Directed & Choreographed by Patrick M. Doneghy, Music Direction by Keith Tittermary.

Altar Boyz is a musical comedy full of sharp parody, sinfully spectacular dancing, and irreverent humor about a fictitious Christian boy band. The show follows the five über-talented heartthrobs: Matthew (Patrick Kim), Mark (Mickey D DaGuiso), Luke (Rob White), Juan ( Aaron Alexander), and Abraham (Chase Maggiano) on the last night of their “Raise the Praise” tour. Throughout the show the boyz learn about brotherhood, facing tough decisions and how important they truly are to one another. With their angelic voices, sinfully spectacular dancing and a touching story, the Altar Boyz are destined to rock the masses of all denominations!

PERFORMANCE DATES: Friday, Oct. 01, Saturday, Oct. 02, Thursday, Oct. 07, Friday, Oct. 08, Saturday, Oct. 09, Sunday, Oct. 10, Thursday, Oct. 14, Friday, Oct. 15 and Saturday, Oct. 16

Purchase tickets here!

And Now Get Ready To Make Some Noise For The ALTAR BOYZ…

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