Reefer's Jaclyn Young- She's a Scene Stealer!

DC Theatre Scene has named their choices as the Musical Scene Stealers of Winter 2010. Our very own Mary Lane made the cut! Check out what they had to say about Jacyln Young’s hilarious performance of “Lonely Pew” in Reefer Madness!

Jaclyn Young as Mary Lane singing “Lonely Pew” in Reefer Madness at Dominion Stage.

Jaclyn Young1 Reefer's Jaclyn Young  She's a Scene Stealer!
Jaclyn Young as Mary Lane (Photo: Jarret Baker, www.theatre-image.com)

Jaclyn Young has always made me laugh and cheer. She has a wicked sense of humor, and is a terrific actress and singer. When I found out she was cast as Mary Lane in Reefer Madness, I made sure I would be there to cheer her on. Of course, Jaclyn was hysterical and I almost plotzed when she sang “Lonely Pew”. For Christ’s sake, I thought I was going to have to get stoned so I wouldn’t die from laughing too hard when she was on the stage. Pew actresses could have done what Jaclyn did with that song, and I’m still laughing thinking about her singing, “The wafers now don’t taste so great; They won’t transubstantiate; Without you near the gospel choir sounds askew; Jimmy, come back and fill my lonely pew!” You had to see her facial expressions. She was such a hoot!

Jaclyn: I studied Theatre and Music at the College of William and Mary, and after college I studied at the University College Dublin and at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ before finally settling in DC.  Some of my favorite roles have included Pickles in The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Little Sally in Urinetown, Young Elmira in Nevermore, Squeaky Fromme in Assassins (all at Kensington Arts Theatre), Agnes in Agnes of God (Silver Spring Stage), and now Mary Lane in Reefer Madness (Dominion Stage).

Reefer Madness was an insane show. It had a fantastic cast and a role I have wanted to play for years. I loved playing Mary Lane because it had a little bit of everything: over-the-top cheesy love, hysterical crying, drug-induced stripping, dominatrix growling, a dramatic blood-hacking death, and an angelic resurrection!

I am getting ready to open Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses with Elden Street Players… yes, the one with the pool! I am one of 12 actors playing over 80 mythological roles in over 1000 gallons of water. Metamorphoses runs from March 19th to April 10th, http://www.eldenstreetplayers.org. And a shameless plug – my husband Evan Hoffman is directing the show.

“Lonely Pew” takes places toward the end of the first act, after Jimmy has started his downward reefer spiral. Both Jimmy and the audience almost forget about Mary, and when we see her again she is in her church pew – alone. She only wants her boyfriend to come back and go to church with her so that the communion wafers will transubstantiate again.  It’s no wonder this girl makes it to heaven! “Lonely Pew” was the chance to sing directly to the audience and convince them that Mary was a real character, and not a just a cheesy caricature. If the audience isn’t in love with her after that song, nothing she does in the rest of the show will matter!  I loved ending the song; there is almost no way to make your face look pretty when you sing the word “pew”, so I chose to play up the humor of it!


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