Definitions of "Reefer"

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So what IS reefer?? Here are some definitions, as found on urbandictionary.com:

  • “Slang term for marijauna that come from the early 1900′s movie reefer madness where a man smokes bud and it makes him go insane killing his whole family. Alot of people belive that this movie played a key role in making marijuana illegal by scaring the public.
    Rules of the reefer: Smoking when cashed, gets a brother ash; smoking with a screen keeps it nice and clean.”


  • “Slang term for cannabis cigarette.”


  • “God’s most glorious gift to mankind: green, weed, bud, dope, pot, herb, grass, the great smoke-shit. This wonderful plant, when rolled into a joint, blunt or packed into a bowl etc., is the single most effective way to relax and be at ease known to man. It can be smoked from joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, hookahs, one-hitters, bubblers and indeed just about anytihng.Stoner 1: Holy crap, I just made a bong out of a watermelon.
    Stoner 2: *stares blankly* Dude wtf? How is that gonna work?
    Stoner 1: Only one way to find out. Now stop being a bitch and pass me the reefer.”


  • “The Majority of people will say reefer is another name for marijuana, which it is, but it also is a slang term for someone who smokes way to much of it to be called a stoner, or a pothead.Wise Indian- Man you smoke so much pot you cant be a pothead or a stoner.
    Jungle Shaman- Than what may i be?
    Wise Indian- Man your a Reefer!
    Jungle Shaman- Right on!, hit this!”


  • “A cigarette consisting solely of the wicked weed. This, to my understanding, distinguishes it from a ‘joint,’ which is traditionally rolled with a combination of tobacco and marijuana. However, the american tradition of smot-poking consist mostly of rolling marijuana-only cigarettes, therefore the words ‘reefer’ and ‘joint’ are interchangeable.”


  • The word ‘reefer’ probably comes from sailing terminoligy: when you ‘reefer’ the sails you narrow them and roll them up, and considering that modern marijuana use originated in the lower class, it’s easy to see how a poor deckhand would associate this with the way he rolled his marijuana cigarette.”Son, do you know why I pulled you over?”
    “No, I don’t officer.”
    “Well, it seems there’s a reefer behind your ear . . . “‘

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